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d distraught Jacqui had stormed into the house. Completely ignoring her xxx videos Mother's greeting, the girl sex had stomped up to her room without a word. Moments later, she had come flying down the stairs, wearing her exercise shorts and a man's t-shirt that Laurie had not known she'd bought, and went xvideo out to the basketball court on the driveway. Laurie had watched xxnxx her for almost an hour, in the cold dark of a desi xnxx December night, running and shooting, shooting and running. There was something odd to the way the girl moved, too. Her movements were xxn jerky, porno strained-looking, without any of the xnxx telugu fluidity and grace she had been working so hard at developing xnxx tv over the past weeks. She looked like a short girl trying to emulate the play of a tall male. That was it. For whatever reason, Jacqui had xxx videos forsaken all the new skills she had desi xnxx painstakingly developed since her Transformation, and was reverting back to the way Jack had approached the game. Only she lacked the height, strength and speed to make it work for her. Laurie put down what xnnx she had been doing and went outside to her daughter. The remnants of the eye makeup Jacqui sex wore now (because Bronwyn had asked her to) had made dark tracks down her cheeks. Laurie knew video xnxx in an instant, that it was not perspiration that was responsible for those marks. Her daughter had been crying the entire time she'd been out here punishing herself. The ball got away from Jacqui and bounced to Laurie who caught it easily. Although not the athlete her son had been, she was in good shape xnxx com/ and she had been wearing these female bumps a lot longer than Jacqui. In one smooth movement, she took the ball up into a jumpshot and sank the twelve footer. She'd been practicing, too, during school hours. Jacqui had not realized her Mother had been there until that moment and simply stared at her, xnxx cina the tears still xnx streaming down her face. Laurie retrieved the ball and zipped it at her daughter's midriff. "How about a game of one-on-one, tough-girl? 21 points, win by xnxx 2019 two?" she challenged. The look of surprise told her that Jacqui had not expected vidio xnxx that. Grimly, the girl nodded and tossed the ball back to her Mother, conceding the first turn. What followed was not a game, it was warfare. Whatever was driving the girl, Laurie thought the third time she had been put on her backside, it is not the spirit of friendly competition. The fourth time she and Jacqui xxx xnxx had tussled for the rebound of an errant shot, Laurie xnxx vina garut had gotten her lip split. Her ribs were going to be black and blue from the vicious way Jacqui used her elbows to clear a path to the basket. Laurie xxxx only scored on quick jumpers made before her opponent could close on her because of the way Jacqui swarmed her on defense. You should have fouled out within the xvideos first five minutes, luv, Laurie xnxx sex thought xnxx desi grimly as Jacqui stormed past her to sink xnxx desi another lay up to make the score porno 20-10. Laurie took the ball to the circle and started xxn to shoot porno xnxx when, out of no where, Jacqui moved in to block her shot. Although she did not have to do xnxn so following a blocked shot, Jacqui cleared to the circle, giving Laurie time to get defensive position. Jacqui simply ran over her, making the winning shot. Both women fell to the pavement, Laurie because xxx xnxx Jacqui knocked her down, Jacqui because she tripped over her falling Mother when she came down from making her shot. The back of Laurie's head bounced hard off the blacktop, making her see stars. Hearing the sickening *thunk* of her Mother's head on pavement broke through Jacqui's black mood. Quickly she moved to her Mother, seeking to initiate the healing link as she had been taught. No real damage she sensed with a relieved sigh. "How . . . many times." Laurie gasped. "Have I told you to guard yourself when you do that?" A xnxx porn sheepish grin flitted across Jacqui's smudgy features. "It might be easier to answer how many times you haven't. Are you xnxx. com all right?" "What do your senses tell you, girl? And don't try to tell me you don't xnnx know because I felt just how deep you went." Laurie had been as stunned by that as by the fall. The girl had gone very deep into her Mother's mind to ensure that porn xnxx xnxx hd there had been no damage. "You will be okay. Just take xnxx anime two aspirin and call me in the morning." She quipped back as Laurie gingerly lifted herself into a sitting position and scooted over to lean against the garage. "Smartie." she grunted. "Mind xnxx video telling me what that was all about? And now that you have trounced xnxx and humiliated me, do you xnxx japanese feel any better?" The happiness she had felt when she'd known her Mother was all right evaporated and Jacqui seemed to shrink in front of her Mother's eyes. Wearily, she dropped down to sit beside her mother against the xnxx hot garage. "It was just a very bad day." "Wanna tell your old Mom about it?" Laurie put an arm about Jacqui's shoulders. "Today xxnxx was "Commitment Day", and xxxx it xnxx tv just all became real. I couldn't do anything right at practice today, and I may get moved even farther down the bench because of it." "Commitment Day? What is that?" Laurie was confused. Looking disgusted, Jacqui snorted at her Mother's ignorance. "Today xnxx hindi is the day that the letters go out at the big schools, the ones offering basketball scholarships. It is also the first day you can xnxx japanese formally xnnn commit to a school, accepting their offer. porn There would have been one of those letters in the mailbox today, special delivery, from BC. The coach there nxxn promised me one last summer after that basketball camp I went to in June. He was there as one of the counselors and he'd scouted me while his team was out here playing Stanford." "I did not know about that. You never told me that." Laurie whispered. "Didn't want to jinx it by wanting it too much. You can never tell how these things are really going to xnxx app turn out. I might have gotten injured, or somebody from this year's team that he was counting on for next year might have lost eligibility. Then, he would have to do something else with the scholarship he wanted to offer to me." Jacqui stared up at the moon. "Heckuva jinx, though. Ineligible to accept a scholarship by reason of suddenly being the wrong gender. I can't even play japanese xnxx decently anymore. Cripes, vidio xnxx Mom, couldn't xnxx. you xnxx .com have at least made me into a tall, athletic gay xnxx female?" The comment was made with at least an attempt at humor. It xnxn failed miserably as gallows humor usually does. "You are the woman you would have been had you been born a woman. You actually are quite athletic, dear. Unfortunately, xnxx hindi no spell is going to give you the porn xnxx benefit and confidence xnxx hot of having lived in a body for years. You have to learn those xnxx bokep things yourself because you have so much to unlearn." "I know. It is getting better. You know? I even tried binding these puppies," xnxx jepang she cupped her breasts in her palms, "with a rib belt to see if that would xnxx. com help my coordination. It helped, but did nothing for the facts that my butt is all wrong and my muscles are too weak." "Your butt is beautiful, Missy, and I can tell you from painful experience, that you are plenty strong for a woman your age." "Right." The tone was more resigned than sardonic. "Anyway, everything became real today. Everything that's changed, that is. There won't be a basketball scholarship in my future. If Jack Donovan ever walks sex xnxx this earth again, xnxxcom he won't be the person I knew. It just all hit me at once - nothing is the same and" a indo xnxx sob broke through again, "and it won't and can't be the same ever again." Laurie drew her into her arms and held her as she cried. "You are right, dear, but you would have changed, anyway, over years. If today somehow, you met yourself as you would have been four years later, you would not know that person either. Change sex xnxx is part of growth, and growth is always change." Damn, damn, damn, Laurie thought again. Why had bokep xnxx she done this? WHY??? Because we needed her power and because we thought we knew what was best, her mind answered. We still need her power. Particularly if Bronwyn is correct about what she thinks is happening. Jacqui pushed herself xnxx asia away from her Mother and wiped her eyes. "Thanks, Mom. I needed that. xnxx porno One https // thing about being a girl is that there are times when a good cry helps. Now, I can xnxx video let the tears out without feeling like less than a man." Laurie struggled up to her feet and reached xnxx jepang down to help her daughter up. "Well, that's a first. xnxx. Something good xnxx com/ about being a woman." Not exactly something to cheer about as good things go, but it is the first time she has said anything like that. "Come on. Let's get cleaned up and fix dinner. After that beating you just gave me, I xnxx teen am starved. And it is xnxx anime *your* turn to do dishes, Missy." The expected groan cheered them both, and www xnxx they went into the house, arm in arm. *********** Lancaster read the report on his desk one more time and then sat back to reflect on the information. His covert operations xnxx cina against the Sisterhood were proceeding but the main goal of the operation, the name and location of the xnxx com High Priestess, xnxx jav were still unknown to him. So mom xnxx far, they had captured four Sisters xnxx mom and had put them xnxx porno to the question. None of them had revealed what he xnxx india needed to know before they had died. Admittedly, free porn they had not been very powerful women. Perhaps they were not important (and equated importance with power) enough to know what he longed to find out. Surely, if they had known the answers he sought, they would have told his inquisitors to stop the pain. All four had died horribly. That pleased the High Leader. Unfortunately, all four had died without telling him what he *had* to porn videos know. That did not please him. Perhaps they should take the Donovan woman and her changeling whelp next. xnxx barat None of the women he'd taken had children. Perhaps he could torture the bitch-boy in front of the Mother. He sat there xnxx porno savoring the thought of it, but decided to hold that as a last resort. There was something strange about what was happening with those two and he wanted to understand that. Some intuition xnxx gay told him that there was a very powerful weapon against the Sisterhood in that household if only he could understand it. xxx videos He had xnxx videos two xnxx japan other members of that japan xnxx damnable order identified on xnxx hd the East Coast. He would take them next, and make sure that his inquisitors took greater care to make their pain. . .more non-lethal. At least until they told him what he videos xnxx needed to know. ~-----~ "Hello? Laurie Donovan, here." "Laurel? Bronwyn. Muriel and Katrina have disappeared. Neither their contact Sisters nor I can touch their minds. I think they have passed over, but no one can find their remains anywhere." "That makes, what, three now?" "No, four. tamil xnxx Four junior sisters have all disappeared without a trace in the last six months. All women who had only the basic teaching in their crafts and all women xnxx korea whose primary talents in the craft were not martial. Katrina was an herbalist and Muriel was an oracle. I don't like it, Laurel. It smells of foul play. The police won't see xnxx barat a pattern because they lived in different parts of the country and no one outside the Sisterhood knows of that connection." "No one except the xnxx movies Brotherhood." "That would mean that they are actively searching for Sisters and then killing them. That is farther than they have ever gone before." "They never perceived us as a direct threat before, dear. They always thought they could overwhelm us with their Dark Power. Eleanor and Eva changed that mistaken xnxx mom perception completely xnxx india during the xnxx porn last major confrontation. We have to expect that whoever was left of the Brotherhood after that figured out what happened and xnxx indian how we facilitated that defeat." "And now, they are ready to move again, and are trying to make sure we don't do it again? Then why go after novices? Why not go after the ones xxx video with the power to hurt their plans?" "How xxnx would they know who to go after? Novices are still fairly recent in their Transformation. Perhaps they made mistakes in their behavior, or perhaps something about their every day activities pointed to their association with the Sisterhood if someone was looking and knew what to look for. I think we need porno xnxx to warn the other Sisters, luv." "Yes, I agree. How are we going to protect Jacqui? She does not know enough to protect herself and video porno www xnxx com xxnx she is not ready to face the reality of who we are and why we xnxx teen really did this to xnxx download her." "No, she's not. I am afraid that must be your and my job, Bronwyn. It was our decision to Transform her, and mom xnxx it must then be our responsibility xnxx sex video to see that she comes to no harm over it." "Well, I guess I can stand Einstein indo xnxx and Newton a while longer. I will get the warning out tonight, Laurel. Be careful, luv." The line clicked off. xnxxcom Laurel sat quietly for a very long time. War was coming, and by her xnxx cina own hand, she had put her only child into the middle of it without her knowledge or her consent. But then, Mothers have been sending their sons off to wars for millennia. They xvideos just did not normally put them into skirts, first. Someday, she thought. Maybe someday she'd be able to forgive herself for xnxx com that. A Change of Direction Chapter 15 Bronwyn sat in Laurie's library/den, wearing her own skin for a change. zoo xnxx Ostensibly, she had been called over to "comfort" her friend after Laurie had suffered a terrible "ordeal". Now, with the cause of that ordeal sound asleep in her xnxx selingkuh bed, the two women sitting behind closed doors, giggling like two adolescent girls. "You should have seen the look on his face, Laurie, right after she socked him the first one and right before the uppercut connected that put the xnxxcom little snot into dreamland. It was positively *priceless*." Bronwyn japan xnxx was all but chortling. "He xnxx sex thinks he is the greatest lover in the world and that no girl could possibly not want his attentions. Most of them are just xnxx 2019 afraid of him and his cronies. Before today, though, his nasty little games have always stopped well short of rape so his politician daddy has been able to keep him out of trouble. From his perspective, I xxnx suppose, this was no different than those other times. Only this time, xnxx sex video Jacqui disagreed with him. Forcefully!" "But why did he pick on Jacqui? I know her clothes are a little on the daring side, but we all agreed to continue that strategy xxx video as a tactic to get the males to pay attention to her a little more. I was hoping site xnxx she would find one she liked enough to encourage indian xnxx just a little." "The nice ones all back way off when she hits them with "The Look", darling. Your daughter has very quickly mastered the fine art of cutting a young man dead with a well placed glare. This one today xxnn was trying to prove his manhood by xnxx jepang being the one who took her down. He xvideo has all the sensitivity of ancient rock, so when she hit him with her whammy, he did not even slow down. I sensed her anxiety, fear and then her anger, and came a running, but by the time I got there, he had her backed into a corner of an empty classroom. She tried to push past him but he blocked her with xnx his body and started running his hands over her. Next thing, I know, she videos xnxx has dropped her books and caught him flush xnxx videos on the chin with a left hook and then the upper cut. He went down like a tree. Then, she just picked up her books and left, calm xnxx indonesia as you could please. His cronies parted for her like the Red Sea. It xnxx selingkuh was great." "Well, it was xnxx app not so great for me when I got the call from the Principal to come pick up my daughter who was being suspended for fighting." Laurie said darkly. "I am glad you met me when I arrived xnxx movies so I was prepared with the basics of what really happened." xnxx jav Bronwyn sipped her brandy, her eyes still laughing. "You impressed the hell out your daughter in there, by the way. She was all xnxx selingkuh but bubbling xxx about how great you were when we walked way home, afterwards. So what really happened? If I believe xnxx mom Jacqui, you all but cut site xnxx the man's heart out and fed it to him." "I was tempted, but it was nothing quite tamil xnxx so dramatic. He was a conceited ass and all I did was trip him over his own tongue." Laurie's Story The secretary zoo xnxx kept me waiting for ten minutes before she video porno even called the Principal. "He's out in xxxx the halls for change of class, you know." Except he wasn't. He was in his office with Jacqui, trying to get her to confess to causing the whole mess. I know because I eavesdropped on Jacqui's public mind while I was waiting. Finally, I was ushered into the inner sanctum and this prig is seated behind his desk trying to look wise and scholarly, while Jacqui was sitting in this straight backed chair wringing her www.xnxx hands. "Mrs. Donovan." he said it in a very condescending tone. "I am afraid your daughter has been suspended for fighting porn xnxx and will not be welcome back here for four days." His smile put my teeth on edge. "I am sure you can help her correct the error of her ways in that time. We cannot sex videos permit our young xnxx stories women to xxx behave in such an unattractive manner, I am sure you will understand." Since I knew the whole story from meeting with Bonnie, I decided to play along with the fatuous fool. "Oh, of course. I do hope the other young lady is not hurt?" He coughed and said something I pretended not to hear, making him repeat it again, louder this time. "It, uh, wasn't a girl. It was a boy." I raised my brows in concern. "Jacqui, are you hurt? Did he hit you, baby?" Jacqui, her xnxx indonesia face twisted in disgust. "He never laid a fist on me, Mum. He cornered me and was xnxx gay feeling me up under my skirt." "Under your skirt?" I turned xnnn back to the principal. "I assume he is being suspended, too?" "That is not germane to this discussion, Mrs. Donovan. Discipline in the school is my concern, not yours." I stood up and leaned xnxx .com over his desk. "Now you listen to me, you sanctimonious old fool. You weren't even going to suspend that indian xnxx boy, were you? That little punk molested my daughter in your school. I have been told that by two eye witnesses while I walked to your office." The idiot interrupted me. "I have witnesses that say her attack was unprovoked at the time and that her counter- accusations are untrue. Mrs. Donovan, xnxx japan if your daughter receives, shall we say, sunny leone xnxx untoward remarks, it is to porn videos be expected when she dresses," he sniffed and looked down his nose at Jacqui, "in a rather obvious manner." I looked at her outfit. The skirt was a bit short, and the sweater she was wearing fit her very nicely, but there was nothing out of the ordinary for a pretty teenager. I saw red. "Why you prudish hypocrite, her outfit is attractive, but it is porn also completely in line with the dress code you https // sent home on the first day of school. Now you listen and listen well. My daughter has an unblemished record at this school, and I also believe, is very well thought of by all her xnnx teachers. If my daughter is suspended, or if I xnxx korea leave here without a formal apology from you, I will start making phone calls. First to my lawyer, then to the media." "My word is final on this subject, Mrs. Donovan, and you are being offensive. Please leave and take your daughter with you." He stood to open his door. "If you don't leave, I will have the security officer escort you off the grounds." I stood to leave. "Oh, I will leave. Enjoy dealing with you phone xnxx vina garut calls. Did I mention, that one of the eye witnesses was your vice principal?" He stopped me before I could get out the door with Jacqui. As you know, Thea, the vice principal, is one of us, and although she did not actually see it happening, she did "see" it. She tried to get in to talk to xnxx sex videos that fool and tell him so, but he was too busy trying to protect that kid because of his father's political connections. "Anyway," Laurie continued, "the rest was sort of anticlimactic. Thea came into the office with write-up on the incident and a list of the other witnesses. Jacqui was cleared, the kid who did it is facing expulsion, and the www xnxx com ones who lied to xnxx bokep the principal are all being suspended." "It was quite xnxx korea the big splash on sex video the News at Six on TV." Bronwyn commented. "Guess you decided to call it in, anyway?" Laurie laughed. The principal had been filmed running to his car, trying sunny leone xnxx to escape the reporters who had gotten wind of the "sexual harassment bokep xnxx coverup plot" at the local high school. The political angle had made it particularly juicy once the word had gotten out to the reporters just whose kid had been the harasser. Neither the principal nor the politician daddy were likely to get much public support xnxx tamil in the near future. "But I didn't. Turns out it video xnxx was the principal's secretary. Once she found out what had really happened, she'd called her sister who happens to work at xnxx barat the city desk of the daily indian xnxx paper. It vina garut xnxx just took off from there." "Well, at least it all worked out, and you made a lot of points with Jacqui, today. www.xnxx Besides, www xnxx as you are well aware, her growth in the power follows xnxx download the growth of her own self awareness as a woman. Today she became very aware of two critical factors. One is the potential vulnerability of being female, and two, that you xnxx bokep would come running to her rescue and not doubt her story for even a xnx minute" "As if I would." she snorted. "But I lost ground, too. wwwxnxx She has demanded that we going shopping for jeans. She told me she has spent almost six months in skirts and she wants pants that aren't so tight she has to lay down on the floor to put xnxx on. She was doing so well in the skirts, and now this." "Don't see how you can say no to her, Laurel." Bronwyn said solemnly. "For the first time since the Transformation, she is dealing with the inherent vulnerability of her new condition. She won't catch the next guy who xnxx asia tries to play cute games with gay xnxx her xxn by surprise, and she knows it. She is a virgin, and rape is xnxx app a scary thing to contemplate. Let her have her pants, Laurel. The skirts have served a purpose, and I don't think she is going to give them up entirely. Bonnie won't let her." she added with a sly smile. Laurel sipped and closed her eyes tiredly. "Wasn't going xnxx 2019 to say no. Wouldn't do any xnxx sex videos good anyway because she xnxx indonesia swore she'd buy her own if that is what it took. Told me there'd be hell to pay if I got rid of them as I had Jack's things that first night." She paused, letting the brandy warm her insides a bit. "We will go shopping for them tomorrow since she is not going to xnxxx school again until Thea tells me that sex videos little animal has been expelled. We will shop tomorrow and she can have all xnxx arab the trousers she needs to feel safe." "You know, Laurel, it is a good thing that she doesn't xnxx/ know the Transformation Spell, yet. When I walked her to her class after xnxx indian she xnxx tv clobbered that fool? There, in her public mind, was the picture of him as a Dolly Parton clone with the morals and needs of a rabbit in mating season." She grinned. "It was all I could do to keep myself from making her little wish come true." Laurie smiled at that. "I understand how she feels, nxxn but it still means that she sees sex videos the whole thing as punishment." Her voice was dejected. "Boys xnxx arab don't often get raped, luv, and she sex video thought she was going to be. We will watch out for her. And that is another thing. Boys. We need a couple." The change of free porn topic had Laurie's head spinning. "Huh? What do you mean?" "You said it yourself, earlier. You have been dressing her to get her involved with boys. It has not worked. She still cuts them dead with just a look and nxxn there are some rumors starting to fly about the halls about me and Jacqui being lesbians. Regardless of how true that is or not, it is not the reputation we want her vina garut xnxx living with just now." "Well, my little ploy worked so well she is demanding loose fitting pants as protection. What are you going to do?" "I have a couple xnxx tamil of nice young lads all xnxxx picked out for us. In fact, I have been discreetly influencing them xnxx indo for about two weeks now. They are growing quite infatuated with the blond bombshell and the gypsy goddess upstairs. They are going to ask us out to next week's dance and I am going to xnxx porn tell Jacqui that we need to accept. Camouflage, you see." She grinned xnxx japanese mischievously. "I will xxnn even get her to vina garut xnxx be "nice" to the boy, maybe a good night kiss or two on the drive home. If video porno it works out, and there is no xvideos reason why it should not, they can become our "steadies". I will keep them from getting too amorous by imposing some strong inhibitions on them and by giving them some very interesting dreams to keep their manly urges at a tolerable level. I might even talk Miss Priss upstairs into giving hers a friendly hand job in the xnxx telugu back www xnxx com seat xnxx/ one xxnxx night. Do her good to get her hands on a cock, again. It will also further increase her self awareness. She is repressing her sexuality and that will inhibit her growth to her full potential." Laurie listened in stunned disbelief. "You stinker." she said admiringly. "You know? It ought to work. I don't know about the sex, but she will go along with almost anything to keep on Bonnie's good side and to japanese xnxx stay in her bed." Then maternal instinct flared and Laurie free porn pinned Bronwyn with a stern glare. "You are sure these are *nice* boys? If they hurt her, I will turn them into harem slaves." The xnxx indo thought xnxx sex video of indo xnxx the usually gentle xnxx com/ and forgiving Laurel as the vengeful wicked witch made Bronwyn chuckle, but she hastened to reassure her friend. "Picked 'em myself, luv. Popular enough for vidio xnxx our purposes with the "in" xnxn crowd, but still independent of them. Smart, polite, and good natured. Just all around nice guys - the kind you bring home to Mother." "Her first kiss, huh?" Laurie took xnxx teen a fortifying sip of brandy as she recalled her own first time with a boy's mouth and tongue on her own. "That ought to make it in that diary-that- is-not-a-diary of hers. Hope it's a good one!" wwwxnxx She raised her snifter in a toast. "To young love." Chuckling, Bronwyn answered the toast with her xnxx stories own drink in the air. "Here, here." Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 5 months 3 days A. T. Well, the times, they are a' changin